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American Apparel Skirt

Stylestalker Top

Y.R.U Sneaker Platforms

PHOTO CRED: Nicholas Nichols – poeticlifephoto.tumblr.com
Asked her where she wanna be when she twenty-five, she turned around and looked at me and she said alive. Bright eyed and real high. This is New York City. The streets seemed paved in gold, and you smile as you slowly lose your soul. Take your pick no one gets a choice. The Double Cross Effect. You’re swimming in good yet are consumed with the waves of evil. Teenage bullshit. Getting in clubs for free, smoking trees of Mother Mary. The life everyone wants. The American Dream. Laughing through the bullshit, drunk on sophisticated Manhatten goodness. Promise will be in love forever? I wouldnt trust her either. She stabs you in the back so many times, leave you wondering why you were ever with her. This is the center of the universe : New York City.


bLow me,

Unif Tank
Tripp NYC shorts
Big Litas

Blow me. Her words were as toxic as her mind. Chemically imbalanced like a green sky, something was off. like her soul was a holographic flame being splashed across the universe. None of it made sense. And that is, exactly how she prefers you.


H&M Leather Jacket
American Apparel Aquamarine Bandeau
American Apparel Circle Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell xx Wildfox Ballerina Platforms

Shadows. At a young age I had the strangest fascination with them. I would await the sun to be at its highest point, so i could see it from every angle. I noticed what most people didn’t. It was the only thing that would never leave you. Scary right? Thats the beauty in it, the shadow is you. So when one feels weak, and looks out for another, remember that the only thing always behind you, is yourself

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With A Little Help From My Friends,

vintage tee
american apparel tight + garter
shoes by deandri
club master ray bans

dont hate what you don’t understand”

She was the night sky, an evening drink, a cool breeze, a subtle wink, passed out, over the brink, in nothing but platform shoes and a beatles tank. To say this picture provides evidence of the analogy “the calm before the storm” would even still by definition be quite an understatement. So i will continue on with some odd thoughts.. dont let the things in life you cannot explain bring you down into a puddle of blubbering nonsense, and sure as hell don’t give up because of any of it. With that said, club master ray bans are perfecting for not only blocking out the sun, but play pretend in the local liquor store.


Tell Me I’m Your National Anthem,

Sheer Skirt by American Apparel
American Flag Beandeau by American Apparel
Denim Vest by Screaming MiMi’s
Head Scarf by American Apparel

Patroistism is when love of your own people comes first;
Nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.

(Charles De Gaulle)

History often repeats itself. In America, we define our Nation with stories of great heroes, underdogs, innovators, exceptional individuals that always seem to find a way to shine in a world overcast with doubt. These heroes are part of what made America great but it seems that our “heroes” choose to spend thier times standing behind lecterns and outlining exactly what is wrong with the person across the aisle. Now there seems to be an actual aisle dividing Americans, with people just standing on the very edge and yelling at each other. Whats happened? Politicians are people and people always disagree, but back then Americans seemed to possess this feeling of togetherness, a kind of oneness, and it wasnt because we didnt disagree with certain things but because we all loved and cherished the same values. We were America, a dream, where anybody and everybody could make it, and we were proud of ourselves damnit. So lets get back to being Americans, back to being one, with the knowledge that soon it will be America’s time, because history will always repeat itself.