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bLow me,

Unif Tank
Tripp NYC shorts
Big Litas

Blow me. Her words were as toxic as her mind. Chemically imbalanced like a green sky, something was off. like her soul was a holographic flame being splashed across the universe. None of it made sense. And that is, exactly how she prefers you.


H&M Leather Jacket
American Apparel Aquamarine Bandeau
American Apparel Circle Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell xx Wildfox Ballerina Platforms

Shadows. At a young age I had the strangest fascination with them. I would await the sun to be at its highest point, so i could see it from every angle. I noticed what most people didn’t. It was the only thing that would never leave you. Scary right? Thats the beauty in it, the shadow is you. So when one feels weak, and looks out for another, remember that the only thing always behind you, is yourself

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