American Apparel Skirt

Stylestalker Top

Y.R.U Sneaker Platforms

PHOTO CRED: Nicholas Nichols –
Asked her where she wanna be when she twenty-five, she turned around and looked at me and she said alive. Bright eyed and real high. This is New York City. The streets seemed paved in gold, and you smile as you slowly lose your soul. Take your pick no one gets a choice. The Double Cross Effect. You’re swimming in good yet are consumed with the waves of evil. Teenage bullshit. Getting in clubs for free, smoking trees of Mother Mary. The life everyone wants. The American Dream. Laughing through the bullshit, drunk on sophisticated Manhatten goodness. Promise will be in love forever? I wouldnt trust her either. She stabs you in the back so many times, leave you wondering why you were ever with her. This is the center of the universe : New York City.


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