United Couture ACID Beanie
MYVL eye die jumper
Y.R.U. Platforms

i smile, i cry, i laugh, eye die. What a strange world we live in, and we wonder why? Stranded in a desert in a city of sand. No one to hold, no one to understand. Never love a cowboy. He’ll leave you tied to a cactus. With nothing more then dry lungs, and the scars thorns leave engraved. Finally, she awoke shaken as the cold sweats she thought were tears rolled down her face. Although it was a far away dream the most peculiar thing happened. One small thorn was placed perfectly above her heart. Her face was red as the roaring sun, and as she walked to the mirror to try and reverse what was done… it struck her. Memories cannot be undone & ACiD is not that fun.


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